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Technical SEO

Are you concerned there are technical issues hindering your site’s performance? Do you need a fresh pair of eyes on your existing SEO efforts to ensure that you are reaching your organic growth potential? Is your website about to go through a re-design or domain migration and in need of expert SEO consultation for a smooth transition?

Laying Foundations

It is crucial to have expert technical SEO input when migrating, updating, or optimising your site. I can help investigate any technical blocks, provide clear project plans for development teams, and layout actionable recommendations for improving your search visibility.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to the work done aside from content, and is a crucial foundation for a successful SEO strategy. This may include issues such as duplicate content, keyword cannibalisation, page speeds and sitemaps. The main focus of technical SEO is on how well search engines can crawl your site and index your content.


Why is technical SEO important?

Many people put a greater emphasis on off-page SEO strategies, such as link building and content marketing. However, without a solid technical foundation, even the best link in the world won’t help you reach your organic traffic potential. This is why my SEO consultancy services have an emphasis on the technical and on-page aspects. For content related services, please see my content strategy page.


Technical SEO sets your site up for success, and gives your content the best chance of ranking for relevant key phrases.

It’s advisable that technical SEO is a core part of the web development process. Too often it is regarded as a secondary concern, which can lead to all sorts of issues when attempting to fix problems post-build.

As it is a technical disciple, certain solutions can be difficult to implement. These often require fundamental changes to functionality, structure, and technology.

Tackling this as part of the planning stages of a web development project is therefore ideal, to identify any technical blocks at an early stage.


That’s not to say technical SEO services aren’t needed on an ongoing basis. Issues can creep up at any point as new site pages are built, search engine algorithms update, and priorities change. Read on for more information on the specific technical and on-page SEO services I provide.

Not sure where to start?

How my technical SEO consultation can help you?

1. Competitive SEO Research & Analysis

Building profiles for all of your main competitors across top target keywords provides invaluable intelligence about the SEO competitiveness of your industry. This is a crucial starting point before diving into specific SEO campaign research and implementation, as it allows you to pick your battles and budget effectively.

I use a combination of extensive data collection, network analysis, and data visualisation to help identify, analyse and demonstrate patterns in competitor SEO strategies. Using network analysis at this stage can be particularly useful for visualising links between competitor backlinks.

This research methodology can also be applied to SEO in a number of other ways:

  • Visualising internal linking structure
  • Visualising backlinks to your own domain
  • Visualising topic related influencers for outreach campaigns


2. Keyword Research & Strategy Implementation

Extensive keyword research should be the starting point for any SEO campaign. I use tailored research methods to ensure that a thorough and bespoke keyword research process is undertaken before implementing a keyword strategy. The first stage of this process is to discover the most relevant keywords for your business and target audience. Then mapping each phrase to individual pages in each part of the purchase journey.

In order to reach your traffic and ranking goals, you must:

  • Know which keywords to target for each level of your website’s architecture
  • Understand when to build new pages or refresh existing content

This kind of informed strategy is exactly what you’ll receive with my keyword research services.


3. Information Architecture & Website Structure

Information architecture is at the core of every website. Your website structure forms the basis of a sound technical SEO implementation, and is crucial for delivering a great user experience. For your website to maximise it’s visibility in organic search results, the ideal website architecture must:

  • Target the most important keywords at the right stage of the funnel
  • Reflect user searches and expectations
  • Support internal PageRank flow, ensuring pages at each level of the structure are as strong, competitive, and visible as possible.

One of the biggest issues you may experience from poor information architecture is ‘keyword cannibalisation‘. This is where multiple pages are targeting one and the same keyword, causing inadequate indexing of pages and lower SEO effectiveness. Another way to think about this issue is having duplicate theming across the site. Something which can be solved and avoided by intense keyword research and website structure creation.


4. On Page Optimisation

The next most important step is making sure the content on your site is well optimised, and appeals to both search engines and users. On-page optimisation can include anything from meta titles and descriptions, internal linking, readability, structured markup, images and alt tags, and more. This is a wide ranging discipline within SEO, but one in which the off-site SEO process relies on. Your site will reap the most rewards when tying in on-page SEO to a rock solid content strategy.


5. Page Speed Optimisation

For usability reasons, best practices dictate that a web page should load within 1-2 seconds on a typical connection. According to various sources, a load time of 1.4 seconds is the threshold between a fast page and a slow page. Ideally, every page on your website should load in 1.4 seconds or less to receive the greatest SEO benefit. It’s also widely known that page speeds can have a huge effect on conversions and thus ROI.

There are many elements which can affect your site speed, including but not limited to images, the number of HTTP requests, page caching, server configurations, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With a good developer, page speed improvements can be one of the easiest and most impactful technical SEO updates you can make. I can help you identify any site speed bottlenecks, as well as provide solutions and actionable recommendations for improving performance.


6. Website Migration Assistance

Whether you’re re-designing your site, going through international expansion, or changing your domain, it is crucial to ensure that this migration process doesn’t affect your site’s performance. As a SEO consultant, I am here to ensure this transition goes as smoothly as possible. I’ve worked on several re-design projects, platform migrations, as well as successfully consolidating 4 different versions of a site into a single domain.

Don’t assume that your web developer has the level of SEO knowledge to migrate a website successfully, maintaining organic visibility and traffic. A domain migration plan is crucial before progressing to the implementation stage.


7. Google Penalty Recovery

Recovering from a Google penalty may be a long and painful process. But, it is a positive long-term investment that a SEO consultant like myself can help with. Whether you have received a manual penalty from Google, or have been affected by the Panda or Penguin algorithms, having an experienced SEO specialist on hand to help you apply the most appropriate techniques for recovery is extremely worthwhile.

Important Information

I charge £400 a day for consultancy work. Retainers start at 2 days per month.

Clients typically need between 3 and 10 days of consultancy a month to allow for an in-depth approach.

VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate

A full website audit may be necessary in some circumstances

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