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Keyword Research for SEO


For the first post on my new blog, I wanted to demonstrate my process for what I believe is still the most important, and valuable activity for any search engine optimisation (SEO) professional: keyword research.


Keywords, or key phrases, (should) form the basis of any SEO campaign. They should provide a roadmap for everything from designing websites to content development, and are the key to understanding your customers. However, starting an SEO campaign based on the wrong research is a recipe for disaster. By disaster, I mean low traffic, low rankings, and potentially a Google penalty.


So, how can you make sure your keyword research is “right”? Traditional keyword research, where important optimisation decisions were made using a vague combination of search volume and competition, is simply no longer going to cut it. Consumer behaviour and the modern purchase journey have become much more complex, so our processes for analysing keywords must evolve as well. In short, we must also be analysing user intent, and placing these queries at the right point in the conversion funnel.


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Lucy KirknessKeyword Research for SEO