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About Little Digitalist

Little Digitalist is an independent SEO and Digital Marketing Consultancy in Brighton, founded and run by Lucy Kirkness. Find out more about her experience, approach and how she came to be a freelance digital marketer below.

My Approach

I love to analyse and improve existing procedures with my logical thinking and creative approach. With any project I take on, I bring a determined, solution-oriented attitude, and thrive on work that provides me with variety and stimulation.

A day without challenge is a boring day for me. I enjoy being thrown in at the deep end and given the scope to tackle things on my own, as well as working alongside other digital specialists and clients. This is what eventually lead me to start my own consultancy. Allowing for an opportunity to grow, develop new skills, and challenge myself (and clients) every day in a constantly evolving industry.

My Cognitive Science degree and past work experience has given me the ability to think about problems in a variety of ways; creatively, strategically, and analytically. Three essential characteristics I bring to every project. The various disciplines within my degree: artificial intelligence, machine learning, psychology, and philosophy enable me to take a holistic approach to SEO and Content Strategy. This holistic approach means a focus on every angle for online success:

My Experience

Over the last 4-5 years I have worked in the digital industry across agency roles, in house roles, and now running my own consultancy. View my career path below, or feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Little Digitalist Ltd - May 2014 - Present

Technically I didn’t set up my trading company, Little Digitalist Ltd, until September 2015. However, I have been working as a freelance SEO and digital marketing consultant for two years.

Grub Club - Nov 2013 - April 2014

I worked in house at Grub Club for six months as a Digital Marketing Specialist, before leaving to set up my own consultancy.

Hex Digital - July 2012 - Sept 2013

I worked my way from an intern position to the SEO Account Manager at digital agency, Hex Digital. This role is what really ignited my drive to run a digital marketing consultancy. First, I wanted to gain experience at a start up where I could work closely with the directors and get an insight into the runnings of a business. Hence my move to Grub Club.

Maughan Digital - April 2012 - July 2012

I worked as an Account Manager at Maughan Digital’s specialist offering, a design agency for holiday properties. Since going freelance I have carried through this theme, now working with several businesses in the property and travel market.

Answers Investigation - Dec 2011 - March 12

Having just graduated from university, I thought it would be the perfect time to explore my childhood dream job, rather than worrying about being accepted onto a grad scheme where I’d become another cog in the machine. Tada, I became a private investigator. While exciting at the time, I soon figured out this life wasn’t for me. So instead, I am putting my investigative, curious nature towards forensic SEO audits!

My Education

University of Leeds - 2007 - 2011

BSc Cognitive Science 2:1

An interdisciplinary scientific subject including Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, and Philosophy

Dissertation: Does stereotype threat affect women in STEM?

What to expect when hiring a freelance consultant?

There are probably many questions you want to ask when considering prospective SEO or digital marketing consultants to work with. Below I answer ten of the most frequently asked questions.

Why, yes you can. You can see all of the brands I’ve ever worked with on my clients page; whether from in house roles, whilst at my digital agency roles, or direct clients of Little Digitalist.

While every client project is different, generally I will always begin with a full website audit in order to identify any issues or areas for improvement. From here we will be able to put together a strategy for ongoing optimisation, focusing on the highest growth potential areas first, and refining as necessary. This may include technical, on-page, or off-page SEO.

That goes without question. Showing my sheer commitment, in November 2015, when Google released a full version of their Search Quality Rating Guidelines, I spent my Friday night and most of the weekend reading the 160 page document from ‘cover to cover’.

No. For the simple fact that I do not control the search results. Google, Bing, Yahoo (and others) do. Not only are we as SEOs working with what are ultimately secret algorithms, rankings are inherently unstable and a poor metric for overall performance. I do, however, guarantee that you will be happy with my work and the results.

I am indeed, and the proof is not only in the pudding, it’s in the search results. My own website is ranking in first or section position, as well as several map pack results for relevant Brighton related keywords. Such as ‘brighton digital consultant’, digital marketing consultant brighton’, ‘brighton seo consultancy’. In addition, I only launched this website in September 2015. Feel free to message me for specific client results.

I expect client sign off for any on-page SEO work I do, which require changes to the site code or content. The delivery can take a number of formats, however I find collaborating in Google Docs is a favourite amongst clients. This enables both sides to track work progress in real time. Any technical changes will typically have been flagged in an initial website audit, and will be discussed in detail with a web developer or other relevant party before implementation.

The main tool I use for tracking performance is Google Analytics. More specifically I build dynamic dashboards for clients in Google Sheets or Excel, powered by Google Analytics API. If you aren’t sure whether your Analytics account has been set up properly, or are concerned about whether campaigns are being tagged correctly, I would recommend considering my analytics consultancy services, in particular an analytics audit. Misrepresentation of data can cost you thousands (or more).

While I work with many local clients in Brighton and London, who I meet regularly for progress meetings, the majority of clients I have never met. For remote client relationships (and local), I am open to communication via email, phone, Skype, texting or Slack. I will work with whatever approach best fits your needs as a client.

The payment terms depend on the nature of the project. Quotes are either based on hourly rates, day rates, monthly retainers, or project based fees. All auditing work requires a 50% deposit to kick start the work, and 50% on completion. Retainers are due monthly in advance, and will be based on an hourly or value basis. VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate.

Auditing work starts from £750+vat for small projects, and anywhere up to £3000+vat for larger, more complex projects. Monthly retainers start from £400+vat for small projects, and typically grow in blocks of 8 hours, depending on client needs (unless value based). Please see individual service pages for more details.

I value the long term relationships I have with clients, so I’d hope that we don’t part ways. However, if for whatever reason the contract was to end, you will maintain ownership of all of the optimised content and any other work that had been paid for. Early termination of contracts may be subject to a fee. Details of which would be clearly outlined in the contract.


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